Turn your Ideas into Profitable Assets

a-Qube is a peer-to-peer Mobile Incubator which turns raw ideas into complete business proposal.

Relying on our proprietary Consensus model and using Game Theory, Storytelling tools and Blockchain technology, we propose a system which breaks the prototyping process into easily executable, self-filtering tasks and creates value throughout the process.



Collaborative development & Gamification

Community-engagement & predictive Consensus

Brand Archetypes & Matching Algorithm

Higher Project Standards

Marketplace of Ideas

Challenge Track

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  • Idea

    a-Qube started with the goal to give back value to ideas and give the people who had them (creators) the possibility to receive immediate market validation for them, a sort of early “reality check.”
    January 2018
  • Main Features & Business Model

    An Ecosystem and a platform designed to optimize all aspects of the innovation process. With clear tasks, better project management, a matching algorithm for “gaming-up” social interactions, and a meritocratic approach based on contribution value and individual skills
    April 2018
  • User Research & SIV Incubator

    As the first Proof of Concept, we have run a Local Incubator – Startup Idea Validation (SIV) – in Tallinn, Estonia between July and November 2018.
    July 2018
  • Prototype & Beta-testing

    a-Qube’s final Proof-of-concept: a working prototype with Challenge Track & inQubator features functional and implemented – where our two pilot participants (Organizations) will be able to propose Business and Blockchain challenges which our Users (inQubator) will implement into final Business proposals.

    August 2019
  • Token Generation & Public Sales

    A total of 100.001.039 QUBs will be produced, no other QUBs will be produced after them.

    To ensure a fair and equal token distribution across the community, we will run an actual, decentralized public Token Sale. The total amount of QUBE Slots distributed during the 1st Token Sale will be 35.000.000, the 35% of the total.

    During the public Token Sale, we aim for a soft cap for the equivalent of $4.000.000,00 (4 million USD) and a hard cap of $13.000.000,00 (13 million USD).

    Q1 2020
  • ``100 Ideas`` Global Competition

    The competition is divided in the Idea inception plus 6 rounds, with each round rewarding the most successful 100 slots progressively, from the Idea till the last implementation. The winners will receive a total of 20 million QUBs (10 mil USD).

    All the successful Qubes developed during the “100 Ideas” Global Competition, will be celebrated and sold directly in a-Qube’s marketPlace – in an universal expo of ideas, in which our 2nd token distribution will be used as a bridge to connect directly organizations and innovators in an end-to-end open-sale.

    February 2020
  • a-Qube Mainnet

    Q3 2021

People behind a-Qube

CEO & Founder


Marketing Executive

Tech Lead

Sr. UX Designer

Sr. Motion Designer

Creative Director

Research Associate

React Native Developer

Frontend Developer

Creative Advisor

Fundraising Advisor

Corporate Counsel

Legal Counsel (US)

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What is a-Qube?

a-Qube is the first p2p Mobile Incubator which turns Business Ideas into Profitable Assets. The platform is divided into two sections:

1. inQubator: A peer-to-peer mobile incubator where ideas are collectively developed into complete business proposals.
2. marketPlace: A decentralized marketplace of ideas where complete business proposals (Qubes) are validated and implemented by an incentivized community & tradable in the market.

How does a-Qube work?

Our platform uses Blockchain, Game Theory and Project Management tools to streamline the innovation and prototyping process from idea inception to final business proposal ready for the market. In order to start, users just need to register an account, enter the inQubator and propose their idea in a few clicks. After 6 implementation slots have been added and validated, the project is completed (“qubed”) and it automatically shifts to a-Qube’s marketPlace, where it can be purchased by a startup, a corporation or an entrepreneur, and the profit is shared between the contributors based on the value and the accuracy of their contribution.

What actual problems a-Qube solves?

A. From the user side:
1. High entry barriers: end users are cut off of the innovation and prototyping process.
2. No valuable incentives for getting involved in development and validation.

B. From the corporate side:
1. No measurable, cost-effective system to develop Corporate Innovation lack of real-time Market Validation
2. No direct bridge with prospective customers and find a product market fit.

Who are a-Qube's team?

a-Qube is a multicultural, diverse team – which has been built with patience, research and dedication with the same values and vision the project relies on a multidisciplinary approach to the innovation and prototyping process, involving different disciplines for the participants to be able to build something “bigger than themselves.”

Will it be available on Mobile?

Yes, a-Qube is a mobile-first product – and we are going to release the first prototype of our Mobile Application in October 2019. Initially on Android for beta-testing purposes, and on iOS shortly after.

How can I use the platform?

Download our mobile app for free, sign up, propose your game-changing idea in a few clicks, and start profiting with that!

Why blockchain?

For the Governance of our platform first – the financial flexibility, both for pay-offs and distribution and for Network Dynamics between the participants, which consent us to build a truly decentralized “human layer of innovation.”
Second, a-Qube has been built as an open framework for empowering innovation, and as such it needs to be immutable, guarantee security/safety of individual’s contribution, as well as being a meritocratic, censorship-resistant environment.

Why Ethereum platform?

Most of our main concerns are yet-to-be-solved by existing Blockchain ecosystems – nonetheless, as it is important to keep building our product and involve our users in the process, after our ICO, we will release a-Qube dApp (2nd phase), built on the top of Ethereum blockchain.