At a-Qube we are building the first decentralized marketplace of ideas, using blockchain technology to break the prototyping process into easily executable, self-filtering tasks and leveraging the power of collaborative intelligence to turn raw ideas into real business proposals.

Relying on our proprietary Consensus model, and using Game Theory, Storytelling tools and Blockchain technology, we propose a system which breaks the prototyping process into easy-executable, self-filtering tasks and creates value along the process.

We’re kicking it off with the first wave of our bounty campaign. We’d like to encourage our community to help to spread the word about a-Qube’s vision, and earn QUBs as rewards!

There are a total of 200,000 QUBs (worth 100,000 USD) allocated to this bounty!

The funds will be split into different campaigns in such a format:

  1. Social Media Campaign: 48%
  2. Video Campaign: 30%
  3. Content Campaign: 22%

Terms & Conditions

  1. a-Qube Bounty Campaign will last for 4weeks, running from 01.05.2019 till 01.06.2019.
  2. Up to 200 000 QUBE Tokens, worth 100 000 USD ($100k), will be added to our Bounty Pool, available to be rewarded to participants.
  3. Each user is allowed to participate with one account only. In the case of multiple active accounts, the participant will be banned from the campaign and their rewards will be added back to the Reserve.
  4. Rewards will be distributed following a-Qube Roadmap and will be added to User’s Wallets within 2 weeks from the end of a-Qube ICO.
  5. Participants to a-Qube Bounty campaign must have reached the legal age — which means they must be at least 18 years old, or whatever the legal age is in their native countries.
  6. In order to participate, don’t forget to fill in the relevant submission form, and join our Telegram channel to be always up to date!

Please check out out Bitcointalk thread for full details and participation. Good luck everyone!

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