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a-Qube’s inQubator is a fully-remote, unique Program for earliest stage startups. Each inQubator Track is an Innovation Hub for projects at the idea phase, and each batch focuses on a different industry. Using more than a decade of experience spent in training startups, hundreds of participants and projects, we designed a Program which will help you define the 6 core areas of your business/product. All this, while providing real-time market validation, the only real benchmark to evaluate the potential of success/failure of a novel business idea.

inQubator Tracks are designed to save you months (and money) in developing and validating your idea. What’s more, we believe that early-stage project’s/startup’s equities belong to Founder(s) – therefore, the participation to any inQubator Track is 100% equity-free.

Participants will pay a participation-fee of 15 ETH (or other major crypto), which will guarantee access to all Program’s materials, and our Mentors’ undivided attention for the entire 8 weeks.

Who is this for?

inQubator Tracks are designed to save you months (and money) in developing and validating your idea.

We act as your Business cofounders, letting Tech Founders & Innovators focus on their vision and their tech – helping them to define and validate their solution with large adoption in mind.

There are no hard requirements (tech-wise), though, and at the end of the Program you will have a well-defined MVP, and an investment-ready business proposal. Therefore, if you have the right idea, we encourage you to be brave! To be fully committed to your idea goes a long way.

For this reason, Students, Creative professionals and self-starters in general are more than welcome!


Each week will be entirely dedicated to the development of 1 of the 6 core areas of your Blockchain business. Our Format combines:

  • Group Seminars (Qube Talks)

Expert keynote with tools, good practices and real-life experience to help you design each core area of your business.

  • Peer-to-peer Sessions

With game theory and some old-fashioned, genuine fun, teams will review and challenge one another. Penalties and bonuses will play an important part in electing the final winner.

  • Frontal lectures

A dedicated mentor will be working side-by-side with you, to develop a new core area of your business each week.


The 6 areas covered in the Blockchain Track.

Governance &

GTM Strategy &

Business Model &

Product &
MVP Design

Branding &

Operations, PM &


1. Unique idea.

During the Program, you will develop your idea from scratch, and turn it into a business. Nonetheless, in order to accept you, we need to see the value of your idea, its application in the real world, and an actual usage/use-case of Blockchain technology.

2. Basic understanding of Blockchain tech.

You don’t need to be a developer, but lectures will be advanced level, and you must be able to apply them to your business. For this, you need at least to understand how crypto assets work, how to make a basic transaction, and what are the unique features of Blockchain technology

3. Dedication, commitment and availability during each and every session of the program.

These 8 weeks will transform your idea into an actual business, ready to move its steps in the real world (and hopefully change it for the better). Now, we will guide you through all the steps needed to do so, but the program is quite intensive, so we need you to be at the top of your game for its entire duration.

4. 15 ETH (or equivalent in other major cryptocurrency).

We DO NOT require any equities to participants. Selected participants will pay a fee of 15 ETH for the entire program. This includes participation to all lectures, QUBE Validation Framework materials, pitching session, investment documents and graduate certification.

Benefits of the Program.

  1. An earliest stage incubator.

You just need a great idea to start.

  1. It’s fully remote:

You can access resources, peer-evaluation, and high-class mentoring from anywhere in the world.

  1. Qube Idea Validation Framework.

It brings a project/startup from an idea all the way through to a complete business proposal. You will start the program with a raw idea, and will end it with an investment-ready startup.

  1. Theory, practice and gamification.

Our proprietary framework is the only one in the field which combines Peer-to-Peer validation with gamification and game theory. Not only you will validate your business, but you will have the chance to practice your newly acquired skills by reviewing your peers.

  1. Networking.

Imagine being in a room filled with professionals in your field, and the best minds in the industry – with endless possibilities for partnerships, deal-flows, and maybe even the chance to find a cofounder.

Graduates and Winner.

  1. inQubator Graduates Certificate.

All inQubator’s Graduate projects will receive a unique certificate, issued as a non-fungible asset (NFT) on the Blockchain. You will be able to show it to investors, and/or add it to your website as a badge.

  1. Pitching Challenge

The best projects will access the final “Pitching week” – and will compete and review each other, to elect the final winner of this edition.

  1. Media Coverage & Partnership.

The Final winner will receive all previous perks, plus coverage on our channels, and an official partnership proposal for supporting future development.


Can I participate if I don't have a team?

Absolutely. During the Program, a-Qube’s Team and inQubator Mentors will be your Business Cofounders. You just need a great idea to start, and we will help you with everything else.  Plus, there will be other Solo Founders participating to the Program, and our P2P approach is specifically designed to enhance collaboration amongst participants. Meaning, you will have the chance to join forces with others, either as partners, or prospective cofounders.

Will I receive funds at the end of the Program?

No, a-Qube is not a VC, and we focus on all the aspects necessary to help your business raise funds at a further stage. At the end of the Program, you will have developed every single area of your Business, going from Financial Modeling to Brand & Marketing Strategy – and you will have in your hands the entire range of documents required by investors, namely Pitch Deck, Executive Summary, (basic) Business Plan and Financial Projections.

I'm not from Europe, can I join the program?

You can, and you should. Ideas are everywhere, and we shifted from a local to a digital format in order to give anyone the chance to move them to the next level. Only thing you need to consider, though: most of our Mentors are from Europe, therefore, almost 100% of the lectures will be in European timezone.

Do I need to have an MVP to apply?

Definitely not. Each inQubator tracks is designed to support you through each and every step of business design, starting from a raw idea only. We will dedicate an entire week of the Program to design your MVP together with you, considering aspects such as technical flow, UI, and Business logic.

Do I need to be a developer to join?

It may help you in the post-Incubation phase, but it’s absolutely NOT a hard requirement. Each inQubator Track focuses on Ideas – therefore, you just need to have a great one to start. At the end of the Program you will have a solid, well-defined MVP – with all core features necessary to start testing and development.

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